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Join us as Manchestours takes you on walking tours around England's second and some say, greatest city.
The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, host to the origin of some of the most important political ideas and philosophies that went on to shape the world, home to two of the biggest football clubs in England and Europe, and a city teeming with nightlife and pub culture and an unrivalled legacy of musical heritage.






Seemingly unrivalled in England and possibly the world, Manchester has an unparalleled history and legacy of popular music going back to the 1960s till the present day.
We take you on a Manchester walking tour that encompasses and captures some of this history in a walk round a series of locations in Manchester.
The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Happy Mondays, Joy Division, New Order, even Rick Astley and of course Manchester's rich club scene are all covered.

Marx and Engels


In 1850, Friedrich Engels, the son of a German industrialist, came to Manchester to work in the office of  his father's firm. Whilst there, he observed the conditions of many of the working poor, who had migrated in vast numbers, many from the countryside ,as England underwent the birthpangs of  the Industrial Revolution. It was these observations, along with those made by his friend and colleague,
Karl Marx, on his visits to Manchester to see Engels, that contributed to the writings and political theses of both men, the most notable of which being Marx's Communist Manifesto.



Manchester has a rich and historic pub culture, and whilst there, it would be foolish not to sample some of it.
Manchestours takes you on a tour around some of the most interesting and historic ones, to give you a sample of this pub culture,
as well as a little history.
The fun part is entirely up to you!


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"Oh, Manchester, So much to answer for"


''Suffer Little Children'
         The Smiths

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